Top tens (unranked) of things – Made-up football teams

Top ten teams in my made-up leagues. These are not necessarily the teams who win the most, just the ones who, in my head, have the greatest appeal. Many, but not all, derive from real (small) places in the British Isles and can be seen in my Christmas atlas of 1977. Of course, this list could all change…


Always in strips of red and dark blue. Were always a dominant force. Never sure if it was based on the Nottinghamshire or Yorkshire village but was reinforced by the Aussie Rules team. Vauxhall Carlton was a different matter.

Aston Clinton

Clearly in my young mind an alternative to Aston Villa, down to the light claret and light blue colours that they feature. But also a nod to Aston Martin who used to manufacture locally to my home town in days of yore. Actually a village in Buckinghamshire near to some of my maternal relatives.


Another clear substitute, this village (now Milton Keynes suburb) stands just off the A5 and so lay on journeys up to paternal relatives in Northamptonshire. It’s kit features gold like ‘real’ Wolves, but is usually black with one gold hoop and white trim.

Tynefield Albion

Not quite of the same vintage as some of the others.Probably drawn from Gordon Stewart, the Safest Hands in Soccer keeper in the Roy of the Rovers comic series. But this is the Albion, not City! Light blue body and dark blue sleeves, with a white collar.

Tynecaster FC

Another possible comic book pick-up, and natural rivals of and to Tynefield Albion. A stand out strip of dark blue and yellow halves, with contrasting green and yellow sleeves.

Berhagen City

A much newer outfit. Along with their local rivals Wanderers, have been challenging for honours. Play in light blue with a thick white central stripe and light green band down the sleeves


A leading continental side from the Benelux region. Deep red shirt with an offset green cross and dark blue sleeves makes for a distinctive kit.


Powerhouse from Eastern Europe. Sometimes spelled as Dheremac. Either way a giant of continental competition. Strip is a dark red body with yellow sleeves, and often featuring a radiating sun pattern.

Roscommon and Athlone

Two for one – both teams again drawn from real places, this time from (as I understood it then) Southern Ireland. Athlone play in a white top with dark green trim; Roscommon the opposite.


An Italian team, loosely based on the most enthusiastic parent of football I have seen. Play in bright blue and red stripes.



So this is for me to record various thoughts and ideas as I remember them. So nothing much of interest to share.

Quick review then of topics:
– do I aim for full or half-marathon on rowing machine in the spring
– should I learn how to play the harmonica
-research: competitive engineering and transformative experiences of international cultural exchanges. On watching the Joel Rookwood film on Thursday more ideas regarding writing ethnographically, and on recording students right through the process.

On current things, the amount of traffic on the roads in the evening leading to regular 2hour journeys home: could be wearing but also a means of grinding out the week with a positive outlook ( although I will try to make sure I share the silver lining with all at home).
The busy-ness of fitting in bureaucracy into the week.

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